Schmidt Happens!

Maddie here! Love BTR, Kendall Schmidt, Dustin Belt, Heffron Drive, The Schmidt Bros, and...... hilarity. Stupid people give me migraines. <3


Kendall: IT’S SOOO LOUD!!!

His eyes omg… :3

this is really happening right now


i noticed that lately i’ve been searching tags to reblog stuff so i figured why not follow some new blogs? no worries, i’m not unfollowing anyone. my dash just needs more things i’m into (because let’s be real here, it’s been forever since i’ve done a mass follow and my interests have definitely changed over time) also, if i do end up following you, consider following back ;)

like or reblog or idfk just let me know if you post about any of the following:

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Concept art for The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

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Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey

Photo credit: Courtney Vaudreuil

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what if instead of a same gender detective partnership who keep getting mistaken for a romantic couple, you had a same gender romantic couple who keep getting mistaken for detectives
‘hello, I’m sam darling, and this is my partner gregory hitch’ ‘AH YES THE PRIVATE DETECTIVES’ ‘what??? no we just came for some ice cream why is there police tape everywhere’

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