Schmidt Happens!

Maddie here! Love BTR, Kendall Schmidt, Dustin Belt, Heffron Drive, The Schmidt Bros, 5sos, Calum Hood, 1D, Harry Styles and...... hilarity. Stupid people give me migraines. <3



Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

One of my favorite celebrity interviews ever.

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We need to talk about papa joseph more.

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do british people really eat beans on toast as a meal

in america is everyone ignorant

it was just a question damn no need to get hostile go eat some beans on toast

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No monsters there.
Unless it’s a monster dance club.

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AHS Fandom

Evan playing a rapist in Murder House:such a dreamboat
Evan playing a normal guy in Asylum:what a bore
Evan playing a rape victim in Coven:what a bore
Evan playing a rapist in Freak Show:such a dreamboat
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