We Made a Film (Kendall Schmidt Love Story)

Hey guys! One of my old stories I have NEVER published except for on http://www.quotev.com/kansasboys so yeah, enjoy!!!

Sometimes, you meet……………. someone. Someone who, for once in your life, makes you feel less invisible … someone who makes you feel like a cover girl for a magazine. That someone is special. That someone will take care of you when your sick, love you when your at your all time low. That someone, weather you care to admit it, makes you smile when they text you. That someone is a person who, when their away, you snuggle up to their clothes and close your eyes so you feel like their there. That person changes your relationship status on facebook for you. That person will tell you that your not a “fuck up” or “mistake by God” when you think about your past; they will tell you that you are theirs and nobody else’s  They will joke with you when your sad, and kiss you when you cry. They will pick you up from your drunkin’ club experience and give you tums the morning after. They will look at your body and say, “wow.” not “ew.” Then when you wake up the morning after a beautiful night, all tangled together and under the sheets , he is always there. That person will love your tangled curly mess of hair and love your baggy under eyes. That person fixes you, your less broken with them. That person loves you. all of you.  You never think, “when this ends I am really going to miss you.” Because in your mind, it will never end, these days won’t be memories, they will be reality. And when they are gone, and you move on, you realize something. He would still be there if you loved him back. So you move on and find someone who loves you just as much as he did that you love back.  But, sometimes, you take care of yourself when your sick, you feel ugly and unlovable. Sometimes you wait for that person to text you back, say, “I love you and need you back.” Sometimes you have one thing left from when they left you, and you sleep with it until it just smells like you. Sometimes you stare at you relationship status and say “alone.” “I am a fuck up.” Sometimes you belong to no one, no one jokes with you like they did, and you still cry. No one says wow when your body is in front of them and no one is there after your one night stand, sometimes your by yourself all together. your not fixed, your broken. But you still love them, and maybe, just maybe, they still love you. And sometimes you wonder why they did what they did to you, or why you did what you did to them that ended it all. ended your perfection. Why did you drop me? Why did you break me? Why did I loose me? Why did I loose Kendall?


Sometimes, you meet……………. someone.

Ch.1 Stupid party~ November 2, 2011~ The first time I saw him

        I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. These thoughts were going through my head as I was waiting for my best friend to pick me up from my apartment. Why is it that I always get dragged along to her stupid parties with her stupid boyfriend? stupid. fucking. everything. stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid. stu- 

        ”Hey dude aren’t you cold out here??” Zoey’s voice said interrupting my chain of stupid. “Yeah, you took long enough.” I said hopping into the back seat, “Well, isn’t someone happy.” Dustin said in a cocky tone. “Hey Dusty, hows yourself doin’?” I asked snapping my seat belt, as he pulled out onto the road, “Pretty fucking good, my best friend can finally drink with me!” He yelled glancing back into the rear view mirror smiling. ” I can drink? No, I’m pretty positive that’s still illegal” I responded earning a giggle from Zoe, “No not you, you dumb ass, Kendall.” Dustin said. Who the fuck is Kendall??Oh, wait… ”He’s my real best friend, you know the one who was in heffron drive with me?” Dustin retorted, almost sounding like a child. “Oh the one he works for??” I said, asking Zoe, who retorted back to me with a death glair. yeah bitch, what now! you drag me to birthday parties for mysterious men, boom, bitch mode activated! ”You said I worked for Kendall?!” Dustin asked Zoe in a kind of ‘you gotta be fucking kidding me’ voice. “No babe, I said you played guitar for his band. difference.” She said looking back at me for the last part. “Well I would say I’m a part of the band cuz’ it wouldn’t be a band with out the music and melody.” Dustin said glancing at her with a huge cheesy smile, which she returned with a giggle. I wish I had something like that. I mean, Dustin’s a total ‘guy’ that doesn’t understand, literally, shit about girls but she still loves him and he still loves her back.. no matter what. The two of them kind of remind me of  Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom, you know? Like one burps and the other is like ‘I give that a 6’ and then the other ones all like ‘only a fucking 6, your a dick’ and the others like ‘at least I have one’ yeah…. I don’t always get it but, their relationship really makes sense, you know? like they got it all figured out or something…

        Damn, how popular is this dude… he is on nickelodeon, and he isn’t even on that amazing of a show, well, I have never watched it but Zoe says its really bad. ​Walking into this place is like committing suicide, like a shit ton of people, everywhere. “Ok Dude were gonna work on getting you a new bo tonight!” Zoe yelled into my ear, trying to over power the overwhelming sound of club music. “Yeah, right, no way I’m getting involved with anything like that.” I replied gesturing to Dustin with a bob of my head,  ”Hey he’s not a ‘that’, he’s more like a ‘it’ you get me?” Zoe said in response. Oh God and people say ’your just like her’.

        It’s been about an hour and I haven’t moved from this seat. Guys have been coming up to me, drunk of their ass, and basically eye raping me. guys are so creepy, you know I have to start attracting decent people. Like for real.  Oh great Dustin’s walking up to the DJ, this is gonna be fucking hilarious. ok, you really have to stop talking to yourself in your head.  "Oh, God, why can’t I get drunk like he can???" Zoe asked almost in awe of her boyfriends drunk stumbling, "Uhhhhh, maybe because he’s 23 and your only 20??? but, thats just the obvious." I giggled back, never taking my eyes off of her drunkin’ lover boy. "Haha very funny, your such a ass some times you know that." She said still laughing at him. 

        I went to respond but, I was cut off by Dustin’s slurs blasting through the microphone, “Alright, alright, stop the music, stop the music!!!” He yelled, then the music stopped. “eh hea hemm, Kendall… you have been my best friend since I dumped your big brother for you, so a while. And now I can finally get drunk with you, thats fucking great. I am so glad that you made it this far, like, you didn’t die before you turned 21 cuz, that would of fucking sucked and yes Mrs. Schmidt, sorry for being a little bitch and swearing but, you know, who would I be if I didn’t swear… so Kendizzle, get your pretty boy ass up here!” Dustin screamed, the crowed of people sending out drunk ‘woooo’s and ‘yeahhhh’s. Its kind of sad, I hope I’m not like that when I’m drunk someday, it’s kinda fucking scary. The crowd still cheering, the birthday boy got on stage. “Alright, Kendall, your officially a man, there are strippers everywhere… What do you wanna do.” Dustin said to the guy, I mean Kendall, who looked kind of imbarrased. This poor fucking guy, Dustin’s being a total bitch right now. Dustin raised the microphone toward Kendall then quickly ripped it toward himself, “Yes, I know you want us to sing happy birthday!” Dustin yelled, you could hear a faint “oh God.” In the background coming from Kendall. This in gonna be one hilarious fuckin night. 

        Alright, where is this bitch. She drags me to a party, makes me sing happy birthday and then ditches me.. Why is she so fuckin evil!!! Looking around this club all you could see was drunkin assholes practically dry humping girls on the dance floor. Finally I got to the back exit, just so I could breath. “Oh thank God you found the door.” Zoe’s voice echoed, ramming through the door. I turned around to see her, carrying Dustin…… And Kendall. “Dude, what the fuc-?” I went to ask, “Look dude I gotta bring him home cuz his mom practically begged me to…” She said gesturing to the blonde who was practically clinging to her dress for dear life he was laughing so hard. “Dude, really? His mom??” I said kind of laughing at the funny faces this guy was making. “Yeah, and like I kinda gotta bring Dust home anyway cuz, you know, he lives with me.” This time she said gesturing to the boy who was mumbling something weird into her ear. Uggggggg… Why must you be such a nice person. "Ok, give me one of em, I’ll help you brig one to the car." I said waving my hands for her to sort of bring one over. She moved her left arm forward, almost handing the blonde one off, he instantly wrapped his arm around my neck to stop himself from falling. "Hey, you know you could be gentler." Kendall slurred, directing his face toward Zoe. "Well you know what Ken, it’s bad enough I have to deal with this dumb ass." She said looking at Dustin, "hey I’m not dumb, I’m drunk… Difference." Dustin slurred almost Falling asleep on her shoulder. "Yeah, but not by much." I said giggling , startling the boy clinged to my shoulder, "wow, when did I get over here?" He said looking around and looking at my face. "Oh, hey." Kendall said, I’m assuming he was trying to sound flirtatious but, really, he just sounded tired. "Hey," I said back to him with a smile, knowing it really isn’t his fault he is so slurry or well it is but, it’s kind of his friends vault to, "we should really get them home." I said to Zoe, who nodded in agreement. We helped them walk to Dustin’s BMW, which was Zoe’s pride and joy, with Kendall laughing his ass off and Dustin mumbling things very loudly into Zoe’s ear like ‘babe I’m hungry, do you have any food in you bag’ and ‘can we have sex when we get home I promise I won’t eat your peanut butter ever again…. Yeah, kind of opened a new world to their relationship to me that I really really didn’t need to know about. 

        Zoe  plopped Dustin in the front seat helping him with his seat belt, she closed the door and started walking to the other side of the car, me still with Kendall falling all over me and saying weird things, that well, I don’t want to repeat. “Peanut butter kinks huh?” I said laughing helping the drunkin blonde Ito the car, and helping with his seat belt, “Madd, don’t ask.” She responded as I giggled and closed his door. I walked around and got in the other side. God sometimes I wonder about those two, and sometimes I wonder why I’m so generous and nice. Zoey started the car, the noise earning a groan from the two boys on the other side of the car. “Why do cars make so much fucking noise!” Kendall moaned/yelled flopping his head down onto my lap. “Woe, ok bud you can uh get up now.” I said to him trying to make this situation less awkward, ” but, I don’t wanna, your lap is so soft.” He replied moving his head closer to my… Uh… Secret garden area…. And getting comfortable. Ok, this is kind of creepy but, kind of sweet… Or maybe that’s just the hormones talking, I don’t know, this dude is just so funny when he’s drunk. "Now who’s the kinky one." Zoe replied making a funny face toward me from her rear view mirror. 

        ”Hey, Z you passed my building.” I said looking out the window as she turned down the exit to get on the highway. “Yeah I know, your coming home with me.” She responded, Oh, hell no. ”Woe, dude no fucking way you can deal with your alcoholic boyfriend and his boyfriend.Plus, I have to feed my… cat.” I responded getting a little ticked off. ” Ok, first,  Maddz, please, I can’t carry both of them up the stairs and second, maybe you can get your other pussy tended to?? hmmmm” She said glancing back at me with a pout and snide smile  she turned down her street. Oh, you awkward pervert of a friend, “Fine, I really do hate you sometimes.” I responded as the blonde stirred on my lap. “I know.” She smiled parking the car,”we be home at mi casa!!” Zoey yelled, waking the two boys up from their short nap. “What the fuck??” Dustin mumbled, rubbing his eyes. “Were home oh great alcohol over lord.” I said pushing Kendall’s head off of my lap and getting out of the car. “You think you can walk into the house??? Or do I have to carry you again??” Zoe asked Dustin as she opened her door. “Naw baby, I think I got it.” He said attempting to open the door. I got around and opened the door for him,” Thanks Gurl.” Dustin replied, getting up and stumbling toward the front door where Zoey was, trying to shove the right key into her lock. “Hey dude, what do you want me to do with blondie??” I said pointing to a still passed out Kendall. “Oh, just bring him into the spare bedroom. Your welcome to sleep with him or I mean in the bed with him, you know, I don’t really care, just don’t be to loud.” She said smiling and winking as she helped Dustin into the house. That cocky bitch. Ok, just help this dude into the house, I mean it is his birthday, I gotta help a brother out. ”Hey, hey you…” I said poking him and shaking him lightly, trying not to startle him to much. “Noooooo, I’m tired can’t you just let me fucking sleep.” he mumbled. “well then, I was just going to take you to a big comfy bed but-” I went to say but, I was cut off, “No no, show me to the big comfy bed.” He said, scraping himself up off of the back seat. “Lets go birthday boy.” I said walking him to the door.

        We got inside and all the lights were already off. DAMMMNNNN, Dustin works fast! I mean she didn’t even work that fast when we went to see Green Day. "Hey, where did they- ohhhhhh you go DUSTIN!!!" Kendall yelled, but I covered his mouth and opened the door to the spare bedroom. "Ugggg, finally I’ve had a long ass day." Kendall yelled, practically ripping his shirt off over his head and flinging his shoes across the room. That part I was fine with but when he plopped on the bed and started taking his pants off, "Oh, hey, um I’m kind of … right here." I said as I took off my shoes. "And???" He slurred out whipping his pants off, now only in boxers, I couldn’t really see his face or anything tho, because it was really dark. "Ok, I’m gonna get under the covers, and then your gonna get under the covers, and were gonna sleep ok?" Kendall said, sounding like a child on Christmas day. "Yeah no, I think I’ll go crash on the couch-" I went to say but, I was cut off. "Noooo Maddie please stay, its my birthday." He said pouting. Awwww, I gotta admit thats kind of sweet… wait-, "How did you know my name??" I asked, kind of confused on if he had heard the conversation in the car and praying he didn’t, "Ok, well thats a long ass fucking story, pretty much Dustin said you were nice and hot, so he showed me a pic and I begged him to bring you to my party." He responded making a ‘no shit’ type of face, as if I knew about that, Well that was kind of sweet, although Dustin said I was hot….. thats fucking awkward…. but, Kendall doesn’t seem like a bad guy, maybe if I sleep in the same bed as him it won’t be that bad…. ”Alright, I’ll stay in here. But, just a warning, I don’t wear like a lot to bed.” I said, taking my tube dress off over my head, “Is that cool?” I asked walking over to the opposite side of the bed. “Uhhh, yeah totally.” He slurred out through a smile. Boys. they have a brain and a penis and only have enough blood to run one at a time. "Ok then, good night." I said getting in and turning away from him and facing the closet doors. Kendall tucked himself in and got close to me. At this time I was to tired to push him away so, he wrapped his arm around me and put his head on my shoulder, "night." He mumbled cuddling even closer to the crook of my neck. Even though at this point I wanted to push him away, I couldn’t. There is something drawing me to him right now so, I smiled and put my arm over his arm and thought "perfection." 

        That’s the night I first met Kendall, and I know what your thinking. Its one of two things: “Why would she go out with him after that?!?” or “WHY?!?! Why didn’t you just have sex when you had full advantage you dumb ass!!!”  Well, in all honesty, I couldn’t I mean I barley knew him but, you know, that didn’t really stop me from getting to know him either… so, to answer your questions, and both questions, “Because I was stupid.”